About Us

The Gemstone market is constantly changing and in motion. The techniques and technology to create imitations, synthetics (‘laboratory grown’ or ‘lab grown’), or to artificially alter the appearance of diamonds and gemstones are rapidly evolving and increasingly more difficult to detect. For consumer and professionals, it has become virtually impossible to separate one from another. However there can be substantial differences in value. That is why the diamond, gemstone and jewellery market need professional gemstone testing laboratories : to ensure trust and confidence between seller and buyer.

ALGT is equipped with the latest high-tech analytical instruments and uses the most advanced grading and identification techniques available, in accordance to worldwide accepted industry standards, and it is constantly upgrading and updating its instruments and staff following the latest market’s developments and publications.

Team and service

Our team of gemmologists consists out of highly qualified and trained industry experts with decades of experience and a worldwide reputation to make sure that we can provide our clients with total disclosure on our reports. Our goal is to accommodate and assist the professional gemstone, jewellery and diamond dealer, while at the same time providing protection and assurance towards the end consumer.

Our services include Diamond Reports (polished and rough), Jewellery Reports, Gemstone Reports and Pearl Reports, Re-cutting and repair, and multi-language reports.

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