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Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to every assignment that ALGT performs on the instructions of the client: the client hands over an article to ALGT and ALGT hands over a proof of delivery to the client with a short description of the article. ALGT carries out scientific analyses and grading of the article in a report, utilizing advanced and up-to-date gemmological instruments and equipment available at the time of examination.

Technologies employed in treatments, processing and synthetics are continuously evolving. Hence it might not always be possible to determine the origin of the article using the then-latest available techniques. If the client provides its own reports or hallmarks, ALGT accepts these reports or hallmarks as factual and ALGT does not guarantee their accuracy. Articles are sometimes enhanced or treated in order to improve their appearance. These processes, including synthetics, are not always identifiable in mounted conditions. Characteristics, weights and measurements are approximate when analysed in mounted conditions.

ALGT does not commit herself to achieving a certain result. It merely undertakes to make proper efforts to carry out correct analyses and grading, which always remains a subjective assessment. The process of analysing requires human skill, expertise and subjective interpretation of certain finding. Opinions may vary as to the characteristics covered in this report, and results of the examination performed on the article may differ depending by whom, when and how the article is examined. Hence, neither ALGT nor any member of its staff shall, at any time, be held responsible for any discrepancy which may result from the application of other grading and/or identification methods.

In the event of any claim by the client or any person for damage to the an article, or damages resulting, directly or indirectly from a report, the liability of ALGT shall be limited to the amount it receives as a fee in connection with that report.

By making a report, ALGT operates as an independent laboratory and has no financial interest in the sale/purchase of any article. Neither the client nor any purchaser of the article shall regard this report as a guaranty/warranty. Nothing in the report shall be construed as providing any third party with rights, including any beneficiary rights.

The reports of ALGT are copyright protected. Reproduction of the reports and the use of the ALGT name, trademarks and logo are strictly prohibited without the prior written and explicit consent of ALGT.

The invoice of ALGT is handed over upon delivery of the report, in accordance with the price list. Invoices are payable within fourteen days, unless otherwise stated on the invoice. If an invoice has not been paid on the due date, (1) an interest on late payment of 10% is due, as well as (2) a fixed compensation equal to 10% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of 75,00 euros, and (3) then all invoices become due and payable, including those that have not yet expired.

All disputes that arise with regard to an analyses or a report, fall exclusively under the jurisdiction of the courts of the district where the registered office of ALGT is located and only the Belgian laws apply.